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Drone Light Shows

Drones are becoming more common; we have seen them used for photos, aerial mapping, thermal inspections, and even security. Now it’s time to welcome drones to the world of event entertainment with drone light shows. These safe, clean, amazing shows are a new rage and here to stay. Over the last few years, these drone shows have been seen in events such as the Superbowl, the Queens 75th Jubilee celebration, and countless other places. Now ordinary people can have these shows at their next event.

               Drone light shows use the newest GPS technology to perform highly coordinated movements. These shows are preprogrammed and tested several times before the big day; this ensures that all safety precautions are taken. During the show, there are measures to safeguard all drones are flying safely and no harm will come to guests or property. The results are awe-inspiring art in the sky that leaves audiences wanting more. Companies use these shows to display their logo in the sky, advertising to people for miles. Couples use them at weddings to tell their love story. All you must do is tell us what you want, and we take care of the rest; the only limit is imagination.

               Drone light shows have advantages over fireworks. They can be displayed anywhere; the only thing needed is a clear space to take off from. Companies like Hot Wing Drones will take care of the paperwork and permissions. A significant problem with fireworks is that they can scare pets, harm people with PTSD, and leave a mess. Drones are cleaner, quieter, and reusable with no damage to the local environment. Take places like Arizona, where fireworks can start fires; drones will not cause this. Then there is the fact that they can display any image you can think of along with epic animations. But if you like fireworks to be part of the show, these drones can coordinate with firework shows to give an audience a double show. Here are some videos to give you a better idea.

               The best part of hiring Hot Wing Drones is that we are part of an international community of drone show creators, owners, and professionals that have years of experience; not only do you get us, but you get an entire network behind your show. We tailor-make each show to your specifications. Nothing goes forward without your approval and absolute satisfaction with our software. You get to preview your show.

               Drone light shows are here and the new tool for marketing. Increase your brand awareness by using the sky. People will see your logo in the sky and want to record it, then share it across social media, nothing but free marketing, all done by word of mouth. Like we say, no one goes to Disney and asks, I wonder who runs the parade? All they know is that Disney brought them that magical experience.

Contact us today, and let’s chat about how we can make your next show memorable. We will work with you and your team to create the best product on the market.

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